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Raisin In The Sun Assignment 10 Answers

Journal Assignment – Unit 3: Raisin In The Sun As part of Unit 3 you are going to adopt a character from Raisin In the   Sun .  Your assignment is to choose one of the major characters in the  play (Lena, Walter, Ruth, or Beneatha) with whom you feel you can  best identify. After the completion of each scene you will write a  journal entry from your character’s perspective.   Your journal entries should be at least a page long.  Each entry  should be written in first person, (pretend you are the character)  and should explore what you think would be the thoughts,  feelings, and reactions of your character.   Reference the plot, stay 

Ashley Adorno
Mrs. Gaspar 10H period 2
                         A Raisin in the Sun
                         By Lorraine Hansberry

Act Four

Scene One A few hours later

Mama, Walter, Ruth, Beneatha and Travis had arrived at their new home.
They had began to settle down, unpacking their things and admiring the
house on the inside. It may not have been much, but it was big enough
and roomy for them. It was better than the apartment they once had. While
they had unpacked, silence was shared between them. Mama had to rest for
awhile, for she began to grow tired. It took a long time, but the family finally
finished unpacking. Beneatha headed to one of the rooms in the house and settled
there. Walter had sat down on the couch, relaxing and Ruth was cleaning up a
bit in the kitchen. Mama sat at the dining room table, tending to her plant. Travis
was looking out the window, watching children play with each other. None of them
were colored and Travis had wondered why.The sun began to set, the colors of light representing the sun and the sky slowly changed with swirls of blue, red, orange and yellow. The parents of the children outside talked amongst each other while their children enjoyed some more time playing. Some parents called for their children to come over so they could head back home.

Travis: Mama…. How come there ain't no black kids playing outside…?

Ruth: Because, Baby…they're back home. From where we came from.

Travis: But none of them live here?

Ruth: not that I know of, Baby.

(Travis grew quiet and continued looking out the window. Ruth had stopped cleaning
and stared at the walls of the kitchen for a moment.)

Mama: ….Ruth, what's wrong, honey? (Ruth didn't reply for a moment.)

Walter: She's fine, Mama. Just enjoying the house, silently in her own little way.

Mama: She ought to be resting, not standing there cleaning and fantasizing. Get to bed, child.

Ruth: ….I'm not tired, Lena….

Mama: Really? 'Cause you sure look exhausted.

Ruth: …I'm just not feeling too well.

Mama: All the better to rest, then.

Ruth: (She shakes her head.) I think I'm gonna head out for a walk….

Mama: I think I might just join you. (Mama rose to her feet and fixed herself. Ruth walked over and pushed her back down onto the chair, gently. Mama looked up at her, grasping on to her hands.) Don't tell me no. We are in a neighborhood where we ain't welcomed. It's dangerous to go out there on your own.

Walter: Let her do what she wants, Mama.

Mama: and when she don't come back, what are you gonna do?

Walter: I'll go look for her….like I'm gonna do with Willy Harris.

Ruth: oh, lord. Here we go….

Mama: Willy Harris….you gonna look for Willy Harris?

Walter: yes, I am.

Mama: Why, boy?

Ruth: All that's gonna do is cause more trouble that we don't need, Walter Lee.
Walter: I gotta get that money back….

Mama: Son, why can't you just let it go? It's gone now. All gone, when you gonna accept that? Just let it go and leave it in the past, now. Don't go out and do something stupid….

Ruth: (says quietly to herself.) more stupid than what he had already done.

Walter: ….that money was ours… And it's not just about the money, either. It's about the fact that he done me wrong and deserves a good beating.

Ruth: see? ….just gonna go cause trouble for us.

Travis: Mama, who's Willy Harris? (Mama and Ruth look over to Travis.)

Ruth: Boy, now I know you ain't eavesdropping on our conversation.

Travis:….no, ma'am. (Ruth crossed her arms over her chest, looking down at her son who lowered his head, looking down at the floor.)

Mama: leave the boy alone. He don't know what's going on and he ain't eavesdropping. He can't help it if he's here in the same room with us.

Ruth: Travis, go to your room.

Travis: But, Mama! (Ruth shot him a look and Travis looked back down again.) Yes'm….(he headed to his room, quietly.)

Mama: Why do you got to be so harsh toned with that boy? What did he ever do to you?

Ruth: Lena, we talked about this already. He's my son and he needs to learn discipline and respect.

Mama: My Travis is very respectful…he's just a boy looking for some attention. He ain't getting that around here. Not even from his own mother. Poor boy just gets yelled at all time. Why you seem so angry?

Ruth: I'm not angry. I'm just frustrated. Walter Lee, why do you have to be such a stubborn fool sometimes?

Walter: I ain't being no fool! I was a fool before but I ain't one now! I'm trying to make things right!

Mama: How? By holding on to something that's already been done and over with? How you gonna handle this? With violence, right? So, next we are gonna have to be bailing you out of jail with money we don't have?

Walter: I ain't going to jail for no greedy bastard!

Beneatha: (She was leaning against the frame of her bedroom door, listening to their conversation.) Hope you're talking about yourself.

Ruth: Beneatha….

Beneatha: What? It's true. Willy Harris isn't the only one who's a greedy fool around here. A greedy, selfish fool.

Walter: (getting angry and upset now.) You don't understand. None of you do. I had to do what I had to do. I trusted that man with my life and he had gone and done me wrong! I had no idea he would do such a thing. Not Willy. He had a good head on his shoulders. Willy and I….we were close….

Beneatha: That's what you get for trusting punks. Drunk and stupid punks.

Ruth: Beneatha, stop it.

Mama: you better listen, girl.

Beneatha: No. I'm not going to let this idiot go out and do something else that's stupid. Like you said, Mama. Next, he's going to end up in jail and if he does, then we aren't going to bail him out.

Mama: of course we are, child!

Beneatha: yeah, and with what money, Mama? The one that he gave all to Willy Harris? You know, the punk that ran off with it all in the first place? The money that was suppose to be for my medical schooling, not just his investment? Tell me. With what money, Mama?

Mama: (says sternly.) You better calm yourself and cut out that attitude of yours. I ain't having it and I ain't having this bashing on your brother. Yeah, he did a stupid thing but let's not forget, he's also the one that gave us the motivation to move into this new home of ours, just a few hours ago.

Beneatha: Oh, my. He does one good thing and we are suppose to overlook everything else he has done, right?

Mama: that's not what I'm saying…

Walter: Say what you will, Beneatha. Be angry with me. I'm angry with myself too, don't you know? I know what I did and I ain't gonna deny the fact that I did it. I told you, I'm gonna make things right!

Beneatha: No, you're not! You're just going to go out and get yourself killed most likely! Either that or seriously hurt. Maybe that's what you need to finally realize you need to STOP.

Ruth: Beneatha!

Beneatha: NO. I've had it with him!

Mama: Child, you haven't learned a thing have you..?

Beneatha: I've learned enough, Mama. I've learned enough to know I can't forgive this man.

Mama: oh, now he a man. Before you said he was nobody. Why you holding onto this so much? You just need to yell and be angry? I ain't in no mood for this….(Beneatha opened her mouth to say something again but Ruth cut her off short.)

Ruth: Beneatha, why don't you ever learn to just….shut up for once in your god forsaken life? Just close your mouth and leave things be. We know what you talking about, we feel what you feel but we move on. That's what you gotta do. Enough with this, I'm going out for a walk.

(Beneatha was stunned at how Ruth came out and told her to shut up. She never thought she would hear Ruth call her out. Suddenly, Beneatha realized that maybe she was taking the situation too far, but she was entitled to still be upset about what had happened. To her, it felt like everybody was just going to try to go on the rest of their life like nothing ever happened, pretending that everything is okay. Her family was acting like they would never have to talk about what happened, but Beneatha wanted to. She wanted to talk about what happened. She wanted to rant some more because she still had tons left to say, but no one was willing to listen. They were tired of everything too. Beneatha couldn't blame them for that. The person she really wanted to talk to, one on one and face to face, was Walter Lee, himself.
Ruth had left the home, grabbing her coat on the way out. The room was silent. The only thing that the family heard was the laughter of children outside and all of them saying their goodbyes to their friends, heading home with their parents. The light began to dim as the silence between the family members grew and the distance from before was even greater now.)


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