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Clover Hill Math Sci Summer Assignments Ap

General Information

This course guide gives you information about all courses that may be offered in Clover Park School District’s (CPSD) two regular high schools. It also includes information about specific courses offered in CPSD’s school of choice that serve students in grades 6-12, Harrison Preparatory School. Harrison Prep may package courses under different names, may integrate and combine courses, and may change the sequence of courses, but its curriculum will still satisfy the same basic requirements as other district courses.


We hope this guide will answer all of your questions as you decide what high school courses to register for next year. The courses in this guide will be offered next year only if enough students at each school register this spring to fill a class. So, it is very important that you think carefully about your choices now, including alternative selections, so that the courses you want will be available next year at your school. Another reason for students and parents to take spring registration very seriously is that students will be committed to their schedule. Changing student schedules will be done only under exceptional circumstances. Desire to have a common lunch with a friend, to be in the same class with a friend, to have a different teacher, preference for a different elective, or similar personal preferences will not be accepted as reasons for schedule changes. The choices you make now will determine your schedule. If you cannot find the answers you need, or if you would like to have individual help in planning your program, please contact an administrator or counselor at your school.

  • Clover Park High School................(253) 583-5500
  • Lakes High School.........................(253) 583-5550
  • Harrison Preparatory School...........(253) 583-5418


All school counseling programs will include the following elements: guidance curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services, and systems support for the counseling program.

The focus of the counseling department is to help students with academic and career planning and to foster personal exploration, selfawareness, and social growth. Students are encouraged to set realistic yet challenging goals, to make responsible decisions, to understand the consequences of their actions, and to learn to self-advocate.

Students should contact a counselor if they have questions about transitions between schools, registration, course selection, interpretation and use of test results, or graduation requirements. High school counselors assist students with academic, career, college, and personal questions. Visit or call the counseling center or career center to make an appointment with your counselor.

Counselors offer a wide variety of services, resources and activities:

  • Visit middle schools during the prior school year to provide a smooth transition from middle school to high school.
  • Assist students in planning, selecting and successfully completing middle and high school courses and completing the High School and Beyond Plan required for high school graduation.
  • Teach students (in classrooms) about the intricacies of college admission, how to develop and sustain study habits and develop personal/social support systems.
  • Provide students and families with information about course selection/registration, college admissions testing, financial aid, socioemotional issues, mental health resources.
  • Facilitate outreach with community mental health support agencies.
  • Monitor students’ academic progress and assist student in developing plans to support students so that they are successful in resolving problems in doing well in school and classes.
  • Provide a program to prepare students for an education beyond high school.
  • Develop and lead groups with topics ranging from body image, selfesteem to academic improvement.
  • Assist students with issues, academic or personal, that are or may be interfering with academic performance.

Career specialists help students:

  • Develop an awareness of self (interests, aptitudes). 
  • Explore a variety of careers (speakers, field trips, and internships).
  • Examine the educational requirements for their chosen careers.
  • Develop job-seeking skills.

Successful Completion of Middle School


Successful Completion of Middle School Coursework Expected

Successful completion of middle school occurs when a student meets the academic expectations of the required program. Students who experience difficulty in doing this may be assigned to Tutorial and/or placed in an academic support course that runs either during the school day, before or after school, or in the summer so that they can receive additional assistance and help in achieving academic success.


  • Three years of Language Arts and Social Studies taken in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. These classes may be offered during two separate periods or as a two-period block.
  • Three years of Mathematics taken in 6th, 7th and 8th grade.
  • Three years of Science taken in 6th, 7th and 8th grade.
  • Three semesters of Physical Education (one semester taken in 6th, 7th and 8th grade).


District policy allows students to receive high-school credit for some middle school courses.

  • High school credit for designated middle school courses may be requested once the student is in high school by completing the High School Credit for Middle School Course Request Form. The request can then be made at any time up to the point a student graduates from high school, though it is strongly recommended this request be made prior to the end of a student’s junior year. Please note that once the grades are recorded on the high school transcript the grade and credit cannot be removed and are included in the computation of the student’s grade point average. Designated courses include:
  • Algebra 1, Geometry and subsequent courses in the mathematics sequence.
  • World Language courses, one credit is awarded for the completion of courses 1A and 1B.
  • Incoming 9th-grade students who did not attend a Clover Park middle school, who wish to request high school credit for courses taken prior to enrollment in Clover Park School District, must submit a grade report from their former school that includes a copy of the course descriptions.


A health examination is required of all students participating in interscholastic sports every two years.


Students SHIELD will be in the Media Center tomorrow, Wed., after school from 4:00 – 5:30.  They can help with homework, studying for upcoming mid-terms or life issues.


Due to inclement weather the following changes have been made to the NHS Athletic schedule:

Tuesday, March 6th

BB     vs. Rock Hill – JV – 4:30pm/6:30pm (LW)(DS)(AT) – Postponed date TBD

BB     @ Charlotte Christian – Varsity- 5:30pm – Postponed date 3/7

GSC  @ South Pointe- JV-5:30pm; V-7:00pm – Postponed date 3/7


Beta Club’s March meeting will be Thursday, March 8 at 8 am in the Media Center. Please be on time!


Congratulations to the Northwestern Air Force Junior ROTC program on earning an “EXCEEDS STANDARDS” rating on their Higher Headquarters Inspection yesterday. They will also be recognized as a “DISTINGUISHED UNIT WITH MERIT”  by the Air Force!


NHS Library declares Amnesty Week, March 12-16, return any overdue book and charges will be dropped. FOR PREVIOUS FINES, STUDENTS MUST COME TO THE MEDIA CENTER TO REQUEST THEIR FINES BE DROPPED. Lost book fees and printing and school store fees are not included in Amnesty Week.


Any girl interested in playing volleyball for the 2018 season needs to attend a mandatory meeting this Friday, March 9th at 7:50am in B gym classroom. Spring and summer practice dates will be given out along with try out information. Once again, any girl interested in playing volleyball in the 2018 season must attend this Friday in B gym classroom at 7:50am. If you can not make it please stop by and see Coach Perry.


Congratulations to MS. COURTNEY THOMPSON on being recognized as the Educator of the Quarter by the Central City Optimist Club!!


Any rising sophomore through graduating seniors that are interested in learning valuable skills in goal setting, relationship building and communication should apply to the Broyhill Leadership Conference.  Register online at broyhill-leadership.org.


Are you ready to find a job? Carolina Pool Management will be on campus  in front of the Kairos Kafe (A104) on Wednesday, March 7th during PEAK and Lunches to share information about their positions including lifeguards, pool attendants and service technicians.  Must be at least 15 years old to apply.  


Anime Club will meet Friday March 9th in A 207 Mr. Stewart’s room after school.


Do you want to win a YETI cooler valued at over $300?? Enter the 3 point shoot out competition hosted by Trojan Consul for this amazing opportunity which was made possible by our friends at Founders Federal Credit Union.  See Mrs. Grigsby in room E117 to enter:  $5 to play, $2 to watch, the event is March 13 at 6:30pm. 


Student, Teachers, and faculty...


Want to travel with us to Edinburgh, Yorkshire, Stratford, Oxford, and London next spring break?  We will have an drop-in information and enrollment afternoon Thursday the 8th immediately following school and lasting until 7:30 that evening.  There will be teachers on hand to talk you through the tour, answer any questions you might have, and help you to enroll.  Please see Mrs. Queen if you would like an information packet to take home prior to Thursday.  We will have a table out at all three lunches on Wednesday if you would like to get a packet or discuss the tour then.


Attention Oracle Staff: Your March planning meeting has been rescheduled.  We will meet on Wednesday morning - March 7 - at 7:50 in The Oracle.  Planning for the rest of the semester will take place, so bring your schedule and ideas.  Remember, meeting at 7:50 AM on March 7 in The Oracle.


There will be a mandatory parent meeting for cheerleading on March 22nd at 6pm in the media center. A parent or guardian must attend in order for you to participate in tryouts on April 21st. See Coach Q for details.


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