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Essays About The Jungle Book

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The Jungle Book is one of many classic stories written by Rudjard Kipling. This story has already been made into a major film. The story begins with news that Father Wolf and Mother Wolf have found a naked brown baby that they called him a man’s cub. Actually, his parents have leaved him here to make sure their baby is safe from being haunted by Shere Khan. For that time, Mother Wolf has decided to keep the baby and named him Mowgli. But, to make sure the baby is owner to Wolf’s Family, a conference has been done. The Law of the Jungles says that, if there any argument about whether the baby should be accepted by the Pack (the villagers), he must be approved by two members of the Pack who are not his father and mother (Father and Mother Wolf). Luckily, Baloo (brown bear) and Bagheera (black panther) have approved the argument and they themselves will teach the baby (Mowgli). Along the years, Mowgli learnt everything from Father Wolf. He learnt about business, things in the jungle, sound, and so on. Years later, Mowgli has grown strong and always obeyed the Law of the Jungle. But, he knew that, one day, Shere Khan would kill him. Then, the day had come. The fighting between Mowgli and Shere Khan was happened. After a few minutes, Shere Khan had lost but Mowgli didn’t kill him because that was what he wanted. The story ends when Mowgli left the jungle with his tears and broken heart. This is not what he wanted but all the villagers. For me, this book both exiting and adventuring. Although the author has used more complicated grammar, vocabulary and some old fashioned words, they already have been changed to make sure it will be easier. On behalf of children, maybe this book is a very hard book to read because there are lots of historical aspects and the old English is stilled there. Those who love an adventure’s animal story will definitely enjoy this story. As a conclusion, I would only recommend this book to them and adults who have good level of English.


Try splitting your essay up into paragraphs. You need to check a few spellings and verb tenses.
Thank you for your reply. About the paragraphs, my lecturer said that I must wrote the essay into one paragraph only. That's why I didn't split my essay into paragraphs.
Anyway, thanks again. I really appreciate it.

Rudyard Kipling wrote the Jungle Books in Vermont, where snow sometimes accumulated in drifts as high as the window sill. Usually classified as literature for children, the Jungle Books have many characteristics common to fiction written for children and young adults. The primary characters are children or animals, and the language, content, length of stories, and readability levels are suitable for young readers. All the stories show animals in an ordered existence, with a society, language, and law of their own. Humans often figure as authority and power figures, and within the animal world the larger and stronger animals dominate.

Kipling’s work kept alive the magic and mystery that characterized the age of the British Empire. Critics estimate that Mowgli would have been born around 1860, and the stories take place from that time through the following seventeen years. The Jungle Books tell of a world full of grandiose events, deadly enemies, parents who are humans, and parent surrogates who are animals. Mowgli’s world is filled with father figures: Kaa the python, Bagheera the panther, Baloo the bear, Father Wolf, and Hathi the elephant. Women are relegated to the background and play less heroic roles.

Mowgli’s stories are by far the most popular tales of the Jungle Books. Mowgli reappears in the story “In the Rukh” published in 1896 and included in some later editions of the Jungle Books. In this story, Mowgli is a grown man and marries the daughter of Abdul Gafur. In the Jungle Books, the stories of Mowgli’s jungle adventures are complete: The first book begins with baby Mowgli being nursed by wolves, and the second ends with Mowgli leaving the jungle. “In the Rukh” brings the Mowgli story full circle by showing Mowgli’s son playing with wolves.

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