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The Sniper Isu Assignment Of Contract

What if I don't get my first choice? Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that anyone will receive a specific building, house or room for an assignment. Your priority for an assignment is determined by when your Housing Contract is received. If you did not receive a specific assignment that you preferenced, it is most likely due to the fact that the option you selected was full prior to the date that your Housing Contract was received.

​Can I change my assignment? For contracts that start Fall, you can make changes to your assignment using AccessPlus on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout June and July. During the third week of Fall classes, AccessPlus will open up once again for you to make changes Monday - Sunday. For contracts that start Spring, once you have an assignment, you can make changes until the end of December. No changes will be allowed from January 1 until after you have arrived and checked-in. Generally, AccessPlus becomes available the second week of the semester. 

How do I make a roommate request? If you are submitting your contract via AccessPlus, you AND your roommate request MUST each get your roommate number code from AccessPlus and then share them with one another. One of you must enter the other's codes into your housing contract. If you are completing your contract via paper, you may make a roommate request in the appropriate space on your contract.

What happens if I don't have a specific roommate request? If you don't have a certain someone in mind, don't worry, a roommate will be assigned to you. You will be informed of your roommates before you move in either through mail or Access Plus.
When will I know my assignment? Once your assignment is made, you will be sent a post card (Fall) or email (Spring) notifying you that your assignment, rooomate information, and move-in dates are available to view on Access Plus. 
  • For FALL, we start sending postcards the week of June 1. Not every student will have an assignment by June 1, so we will continue to send out postcards throughout the summer. Some students may not know their assignments until late July.
  • For SPRING, we start sending emails the week of December 15. 

I don't have an assignment yet - will I have a place to stay? The DOR is committed to making assignments for all newly admitted students who want to live on-campus. We make new student assignments starting in late May and continuing throughout the summer. We continue to assign spaces to contracted people using the date the completed contract was received. We assign contracted students to spaces we get through cancellations. Keep checking AccessPlus.

Throughout the summer assignment process for 2017-18, this page will be updated to show you what contract date we have reached. When your assignment will be made depends on your contract date, gender, smoking status, Learning Community Participation, roommate requests, and housing-type eligibility.

Contract TypeFemaleMale
New Admit FreshmanDone07/27/17
New Admit TransferDone07/22/17
Returners **Done07/27/17

With almost 12,500 students to house, the contracting and assignments process is a complicated one, needing to accommodate all students in a fair and reasonable way. During this process new freshman and transfer assignments are made first, followed by continuing student assignments. Family assignments are made as space becomes available in designated family housing locations.

Newly Admitted Student Assignments - Assignments for newly admitted freshman and transfer students are made beginning in late-May and continue throughout the summer. More information on this process can be found on our New Student Contact page.

** Returning Student Assignments 

  • Assignments for Returners began with the Recontracting process. This process gave current on-campus residents priority for assignments. A Returner that did not participate in this process may not will be assigned during the summer assignment process based on the date of their contract.

Unassigned FAQs

Why didn’t I receive an assignment?

We are still in the process of making assignments and will continue through the summer. The date that your Housing Contract is received determines your assignment priority. If you don’t have an assignment right now, it means we haven’t reached your contract date yet. Do not worry, we will have space for you!

When will I receive an assignment?

We began accepting 2017-18 Housing Contracts in June 2016 – more than a year in advance of fall 2017! The later you submitted your contract, the longer it will take for us to make your assignment. Generally, more than 50% of contracts have been received before December 1, 2016.

We will continue to process cancellations and assignments throughout June and July. When we will make your assignment depends on when we receive cancellations and the date your contract was received. We believe that we will have the majority of assignments for new students made by July 1.

Do I have any options for receiving an assignment earlier?

There may be space available in Learning Communities. Learning Communities are small groups of students who share classes, living space, and close friendships as part of a cooperative learning program. Most Learning Communities have eligibility and participation requirements, so this option isn’t for everyone. If you were already interested in a Learning Community, this might be a good time to pursue that option.

How will I know when I have received an assignment?

As soon as we have made your assignment, we will send you a notification postcard via U.S. Mail to the address you have on file with the University. If you don’t have an address on file, we will send you an e-mail. Additionally, once your assignment is made, it will be available for you to view in AccessPlus, https://accessplus.iastate.edu/.

What if I don’t get my first choice?

We will try to assign you within your preferences, but we can’t make that guarantee. If your assignment is not within your preferences, it is likely because those options were full when we reached your contract date. Once you receive your assignment, you can use AccessPlus Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays June 1 - July 16, to view available rooms and change your assignment online.

Can I cancel my contract?

If you decide to cancel, please know that the Housing Contract is a legally binding document between you and the DOR for both housing and dining services. All cancellations must be in writing.  For specific cancellation details, please visit our Cancellation website.

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