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Job Cover Letter Finance

SO much more than mere number crunchers, finance and accounting professionals provide much-needed financial oversight, planning, strategy, and monitoring for companies in all industries.

If dealing with numbers, budgets, reports, and details appeals to your sense of order, a career in accounting, auditing, budget analysis, or financial management may be a good fit for you. These jobs are competitive, so a carefully crafted finance and accounting cover letter can make a difference between getting an interview and having an application packet that lingers in the slush pile.

The Role of Finance and Accounting Professionals

From financial analysis and forensic accounting to consulting, these fields offer great variety in career paths. Financial managers oversee a company’s financial health, coordinate investments, track profits and losses, and plan long-term financial goals. Accountants and auditors evaluate financial operations, prepare tax returns, and examine financial records. Consultants can take on many roles, including forensic accounting, insolvency and recovery, and auditing.

Skills That Make a Finance and Accounting Cover Letter Stand Out

While there are many professional roles in the finance field, all but entry-level clerks must have at least bachelor’s degrees in business administration, economics, accounting, or finance. Master’s degrees in these fields are often preferred by employers. Depending on the type of position you are applying for, you can strengthen your finance and accounting cover letter with specialized training and professional qualifications such as:

  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Certified Treasury Professional
  • Certified Internal Auditor

Accountants who will be filing reports with the IRS must possess CPA credentials.

Benefits of Professional Finance and Accounting

In addition to the personal satisfaction of ensuring a company’s solvency and financial future, these professional roles offer plenty of other benefits. Skills, experience, and education in these fields are nicely rewarded with good salaries and job opportunities.

The median annual salary is 63,550 dollars for accountants and auditors, 76,950 dollars for financial analysts, 75,800 dollars for financial examiners, and 109,740 dollars for financial managers. Financial consultants with the four biggest financial consulting companies earn salaries ranging from 35,000 dollars to the high 200,000 dollars. To stand out from the competition for these jobs, check out our finance and accounting cover letter example below.


Laurence Boucher
1445 Boulevard de Maisonneuve
Montréal, Quebec
H3G 2N7


May 6, 2009

Mr. Bertrand Rousseau
Human Resources Manager
2320 Lucerne Road
Montréal, Quebec
H3R 2J8


Dear Mr. Rousseau,

In today’s economic market, it is especially important to have the best people working for your company. That is why I would like to submit my resume in consideration for the Senior Financial Analyst position posted on Monster.ca this past Wednesday, April 29, 2009. I have long-admired Winfrey & Associates as a top-tier Canadian company and think my skills and background would be a perfect match with your business goals.

I am currently an Associate Analyst with Burns & Seville Financial, where I started six years ago as an intern after the completion of my Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queens University. Instances of my contributions include:

  • Recognized four times as one of the top fifty Junior Analysts in North America
  • Established a client-base of over 400 individual investors
  • Exceeded business goals in every quarter by a minimum of 10 percent
  • Increase $1,000,000 in revenue in 2008

My strong initiative and cunning business acumen leave me certain that I can excel at Winfrey & Associates. I am looking to move up to the next level in my career and would love to do so at your company. I look forward to further discussing my qualifications and invite you to contact me with any questions.

I will contact you on Monday of next week to follow-up.

Thank you.
Laurence Boucher

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