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Marketing Research Case Study India

Case Study on Primary and Secondary Market Research

Read how Outsource2india used primary and secondary market research techniques to conduct an in-depth survey among top management executives.

The Client

The client was a leading IT company based in the US that needed to conduct an in-depth survey among top management executives to identify the relevance of changing strategic theories in the post 9/11 context. They decided to outsource this research service to O2I.

The Requirement

The assignment involved conducting a global online survey of over 165 top management executives. The purpose of the survey was to identify the relevance of strategic theories and changing strategic imperatives and management practices for global organizations in the post 9/11 scenario.

The Solution

Since all of the primary information was to be collected from top management executives, we used personal telephonic interviews and online questionnaires. The primary information to be collected involved high-end listening and comprehension skills as the subject matter dealt with theoretical strategy approaches. All the people who were part of the team held post graduate degrees in management and literature.

Along with the primary research, a lot of secondary data was also needed. Extensive secondary research was carried out using several paid global databases, business journals and management reviews. All of the information collected through secondary research was integrated within the primary research findings.

The Results

The findings from both primary and secondary sources were collated and a comprehensive report indicating the strategy models that are relevant in today’s post 9/11 environment was prepared. The report also determined the changing strategic priorities of global corporations today.

Outsource your Research and Analysis Services to O2I

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