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Music And Media Management Personal Statement

Why You Need a Good Personal Statement?

A degree relevant to management of music related business is common in many business schools. It includes modules specific to the subject but also provides many transferrable skills such as entrepreneurship, record label management and media relations. Your piece is meant to portray you as a potential business manager so your music business personal statement must be well written and interesting, it should be about you and not about music. Getting the detail and emphasis right in a perfectly written piece is not easy for many people. If you are having trouble getting started you should contact us and work directly with a professional writer.

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What to Include?

Your qualifications are detailed in your music business resume so your music business personal statement should discuss things which are not obvious from grades and references. In a short and original essay you should tell the selection board about yourself in your own words. Firstly you have to know how to write a personal statement for business management generally and always remember it is not about music, it is about you, what motivates you to get into music management, why you will be good at it, how and why you are qualified, what have you done outside school connected to music businesses.

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Statements must be tailored to each application but always answer these questions somehow:

  1. Why this degree? An interest in music relates to everybody, an interest in music business management does not. If you have definite plans for using your degree then explain. Perhaps you want to work in the area of internet base music or artist rights.
  2. How your interest grew? Perhaps you were in a band or worked as a stage hand. Explain why you want the skills to move on from that level of work and be in charge of the whole system. Perhaps you have ideas for promoting lesser known artists and their music on the internet but do not have the skills to back up your philosophy.
  3. Why select you? Your test scores speak for themselves unless you have a negative area which must be explained. Concentrate more on relevant work, team skills, communication and media relations ability, as well as sound economic, logistics and production training. You want to learn how to run a business so stick to that.
  4. Why this particular course? It may be that you live close by or have a job in the area which you need to keep doing for financial support. The school may have a good business reputation or a faculty member may research an area you are interested in like digital production. Show the board you have done your background work and want to be part of their team.

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It's been a long time ambition of mine to get into the field of music and media. I believe that studying Music Industry Management at University will help me break into what is a competitive yet exciting and rewarding industry. From creating dance routines throughout primary school education to singing as part of a vocal group at church, I've always known that music was something I wanted to pursue. Having carried out thorough research into suitable University courses, I'm now particularly looking forward to studying record label management and entrepreneurship modules in greater depth. Moreover, my A level in Economics will enable me to apply my business and economic understanding to the business accounting module of the course. I believe that my thirst for more knowledge about the music industry, my active interest in music related activities and my detailed understanding of the media gained throughout my studies, has enabled me to make an informed decision to study Music Industry Management, which will assist me in achieving my dream of setting up my own record label in the future.

Studying A-level Media Studies has enabled me to be analytical of different texts and over time this has become a passion of mine. I've also been known to be a dedicated student when it comes to my coursework, which was exemplified when set my AS Media Studies coursework and I had to produce a new music magazine on a music genre of my choice. The production consisted of creating a front cover, contents page and a double page spread featuring a new artist whom I had to create. This gave me an insight into how the media influences the representations of music artists and how they are constructed, as well as getting a feel of how both music and media converge. From undertaking research into different well known record labels at AS level and my knowledge of the media, I think I'll be very confident during the media influenced modules of this course. Also, developing a keen interest in the non-performance side of the music industry has strengthened my will to know more about both the entertainment and business perspectives of the industry.

Besides studying, being a regular member of my church youth group has given me a confidence boost whilst enabling me to grow spiritually and to become a youth of God. I like to listen to music, especially gospel and church music such as Hillsong and Kirk Franklin. It is a great love of mine because I feel uplifted and positive as this allows me to praise and worship God through music. Apart from music, I enjoy reading a wide range of books including Christian church books by the Bishop Macedo, the founder of my church, as it helps me deal with life's obstacles whilst maintaining my relationship with God.

In addition to my studies at college, working with various companies has allowed me to witness first-hand how businesses co-operate with one another and the public. The most relevant work experience undertaken in relation to the course was shadowing the manager of the Creative Design team at Southwark Council as part of the Environmental Department, which was a demanding yet enjoyable experience. I was given various responsibilities, such as creating an anti-littering campaign targeted at young people, which allowed me to put my creative and marketing skills into practice and use my media knowledge to make the campaign appeal to its target audience.

I consider myself to have a new, creative way of thinking and that I am a funny and quirky character who is very down to earth as well as humble. The faith I have in myself and my abilities combined with my hard work and reliability proves that I am a worthy student and would be successful at University. My way of thinking and decision making lies upon the fact that I "use my mind not heart" (Simon Cowell). Also I act upon what I say. These skills set me apart from other students and will facilitate my success.

Universities Applied to:

  • Hertfordshire University - Music Industry Management - Offer
  • Bucks New University- Music Industry Management- Offer
  • Birmingham City University - Offer
  • Canterbury Christ Church University- Music Industry Management- Offer
  • University of East London- Music Industry Management - Offer

Grades Achieved:


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