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Homework Conversation Piece Ep Rar Download

Windows 10 is the best operating system ever built by Microsoft, and people have been upgrading to it in increasing numbers, despite its problems. One of the best innovations that Windows 8 introduced and Windows 10 improved upon is the Windows Store – a place where developers can submit their Universal Windows apps and consumers can easily purchase them.

The Windows Store is an incredible platform – it rids the developer of worries about updating their applications and doing proper version checks as all that is built into the Windows Store itself, and it gives the consumer a single place to buy and install applications in a single click without worrying about viruses or any other issue like slowdowns etc.

But there are thousands if not millions of applications on the Windows Store, and sometimes it can get frustrating to sort the good ones from the bad – the list below are a 100 apps from the Windows Store; some of the best it has to offer.

Note – if you’re interested in games more than traditional apps, we highly recommend that you check out our list of more than 100 best Windows 10 games that we handpicked from the Windows Store. If you are not looking for games, feel free to scroll below. 


Facebook started from a dorm room – anyone who has seen the infamous movie about its birth knows the story dramatic story of its inception and the conquest over its competitors that followed after; What Facebook allows us to do was possible before Facebook – but not perfected, and that’s what made Facebook famous. Today the company is worth billions of dollars and a billion people stay in touch with their loves ones by using its services. The Facebook app is quite possibly the most installed app on any operating system, and this one is no exception.

Download Facebook from the Windows Store [Free]


Messenger is obviously an integral part of Facebook and plays an important role for Facebook’s goal in terms of what its trying to do. Connecting everyone in the world to their loved ones can get hard – doing it in real time and free of cost is even harder, which is where Messenger comes in. Facebook Messenger is obviously not the first chat program ever made, but the fact that it links with Facebook and it already knows all the people you know makes it the easiest one to use. While it does come with a lot of features – it serves only one purpose, that is to let you stay connected with the least amount of cost to you.

Download Messenger from the Windows Store [Free]


Netflix is a company that came out of nowhere and shook everyone with awe as it changed the paradigm of entertainment within Hollywood – an industry that is too stubborn to change even in the worst of times. At an extremely affordable subscription price, Netflix offers a rich library of entertainment with an extremely diverse range of shows and movies – and if that wasn’t enough, they produce their own high-budget originals. In just a few years after its birth Netflix has managed to gather a horde of cord cutters, and continues to grow as it expands its horizons to better content and wider audiences.

Download Netflix from the Windows Store [Free]


Pandora did to music what Netflix did to TV – it brought it into the 21st century. Once upon a time, people had to tune into certain radio frequencies and wait for other people to play a song they liked – this changed when companies realised that content can now be delivered in high quality and real time thanks to the internet. Pandora offers radio streams, genre streams and so much more with enough music to last you a century – at an extremely affordable subscription price.

Download Pandora from the Windows Store [Free]

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop is a piece of software that revolutionized the photography industry – with every iteration it brought new features that made possible wizardry that was thought impossible before it; It is however a very complicated program, and requires training and learning of years to master it – so tools such as Photoshop Express bring the advanced powerful tools of Photoshop and simplifies them for use by people who just want to make a photo look fancy.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express from the Windows Store [Free with IAP]


Fitbit is a fairly new company born to fulfill the needs of today’s generation. What Fitbit offers is the ability to log and track everything you do to stay fit. This data can then be analyzed to improve your habits and increase or decrease the amount of activity you do to reach your goals. Fitbit is a strong product, and this app by them elegantly displays all of this data for you to easily analyze and export as statistics.

Download Fitbit from the Windows Store [Free]


Amazon has managed to revolutionize the commerce industry in multiple countries across the globe. With their focus on recognizing and studying user patterns and suggesting personalized products for each user, they have managed to build a store that not only has everything from A to Z but also is smart enough to present what you need right at the front of it. The Amazon app – developed by Amazon – does justice to its interface and brings a new life to the store with seamless animations and an elegant interface to go along with it.

Download Amazon from the Windows Store [Free]

VLC for Windows

VLC is known for its ability to play anything you could throw at it – any video file format that has been ever made using any codec for video or audio can be played using VLC, and it is packed with extremely versatile feature that quite possibly make it the best video player ever to have existed. The best part? It is still under development and gets constant updates improving it further and keeping up with the various developments in video and audio industry.

Download VLC for Windows from the Windows Store [Free]


While Netflix mostly focused on movies in its early days, Hulu had an on-point focus on TV shows – and till date it is one of the very few websites where you can watch some of the most popular shows on American networks mere hours after they air on television. Hulu has built a fantastic service and this app is a proof of that with its elegant and intuitive interface and smooth animations, it’s a joy to use. Hulu offers a wide collection of TV Shows to pick from, and all of that content is available to stream straight from the app.

Download Hulu from the Windows Store [Free]


iHeartRadio is an online service that brings radio stations from across the world to your Windows 10 device at the touch of a button. Not everyone carries a radio around anymore – even in the phones, they require earbuds to be plugged in for antenna which can be quite troublesome in a lot of situations. iHeartRadio gives you access to a massive library of radio stations from across the globe in their best pristine quality as it airs – completely live.

Download iHeartRadio from the Windows Store [Free]


Photo editing can get complicated – as Photoshop as shown us, and while Photoshop has made efforts to build a simpler tool, competition can never heart in this endeavour. PicsArt gives you some incredible photo editing tools and some very simple step-based tools to make photo collages, digital drawings and much more. It also has its own little network where you can meet other creative people who share your hobby and interests.

Download PicsArt – Photo Studio from the Windows Store [Free with IAP]


The market of socializing is massive – and so it is required to have competition in this arena to void any monopolies. Line is not a revolutionary idea, what it is though is a refined one – an instant messenger that is quick, simple and can be learned even by those who are not tech-savvy. Line supports not only text messaging but also voice and video calls – and all of it is free except the data charges.

Download Line from the Windows Store [Free]

Network Speed Test

Network Speed Test is a tool built by Microsoft Research – it is supposed to determine your internet’s quality and measure its speed. This is obviously not the first tool or website to do this – however it is necessary to have an impartial tool from a reputable company to dispute any issues with your internet service provider, and this application serves that criteria. It will also locally store all of your previous speed tests so you can compare them for future reference.

Download Network Speed Test from the Windows Store [Free]


Tweetium is an extremely feature rich Twitter client, and while it is not free it comes with support for up to 7 accounts simultaneously and push notifications for mentions, DM’s, RT’s, quotes, favs, and new followers. It also integrates with another app by the same developer – Newseen and enhances the experience of reading news from Twitter. The app is fully compatible for all platforms – including Windows phones and tablets.

Download Tweetium from the Windows Store [2.99$ with IAP]


While this functionality will soon be added to Cortana in the Anniversary Update for Windows 10, for now this app is quite necessary for productivity on Windows 10. RemindMe – as the name suggests – can remind you do something no matter what you ask for. You can not only set the reminder by minutes but also specific dates and time. The app deeply integrates with all of the Windows features and gives you constantly updating live tiles and rich toast notifications. Your reminders also show up on the lock screen, and all of them are synced between all of your Windows 10 devices over the network.

Download RemindMe for Windows from the Windows Store [Free]


The information era we live is fast and requires you to be faster. For a long time people used RSS for their news delivery – a technology that is not only slow but also cumbersome and not at all nice to look at. Flipboard presented itself as a personalized magazine – and that it is. The point of Flipboard is to deliver you news and articles that might interest you in the most elegant way with the least delay, and this app does it full justice.

Download Flipboard from the Windows Store [Free]


Audible is not only a store to buy some fantastic audio books, but also one of the only and the best audiobook library management softwares out there. Audible has over 200,000 audiobooks to choose from, and regularly runs offers and discounts so you can continue being entertained and keep gaining knowledge without spending a lot of money. The app supports all of the native Windows 10 features such as integration with Cortana and sync’ed page position across devices.

Download Audiobooks from Audible from the Windows Store [Free]


Foursquare is a service that singlehandedly revolutionized how people traverse the urban jungle that our cities are today. Foursquare personalizes the places you should visit near you, be it restaurants or something with a little night life. Foursquare also makes it fun to discover new places with its rewards and competitive features like the mayorship program. The Foursquare app brings all of these features and presents them in an elegant way.

Download Foursquare from the Windows Store [Free]


Duolingo is an incredible tool that does exactly as its name implies – it teaches how to converse in dual languages, or triple, whatever you want really. The app is designed to teach you many languages without much effort – don’t fool yourself, you won’t become proficient in the language, but you will learn it enough to have a simple conversation with a native of that language.

Download Duolingo from the Windows Store [Free]


ooVoo brings you some really high quality video and voice chats – not only 1 to 1 but with up to 12 people simultaneously. The app also comes with some unique filters to make your chats just a little bit more fun. You can also share good old text, and photos as well, and make free phone calls over your data connection with other ooVoo users.

Download ooVoo from the Windows Store [Free]

Movie Edit Touch

Video editing is tough job even for a professional – it is something that takes quite a lot of man hours for very little output, but sometimes you just want something simple, and something simple can be achieved with simple tools. Movie Edit Touch is an extremely simple tool that allows you to just fine tune your videos to make them a tiny bit better. It allows you to trim your videos, add music to them, add filters, stabilize them, and much much more.

Download Movie Edit Touch from the Windows Store [Free with IAP]

Police Radio Scanner 5-0

The law enforcement of every city in the world works hard to keep its citizens safe, sometimes you could be curious about how they do their job; Police Radio Scanner 5-0 provides you with radio chatter of hundreds of police departments around the world. The radio is picked up by volunteers, but what you get is a clean mp3 stream of the live radio chatter.

Download Police Radio Scanner 5-O from the Windows Store [Free]


When Twitter gained its popularity, you could attribute it to the simple 140 characters limit it held upon its users. Vine is essentially the Twitter of video, and gives its users 7 seconds to tell their story – no more, no less. Vine has turned into an incredible platform with millions of users sharing their day. Vine has also gained popularity among the creative – a 7 second limitation presents an interesting challenge to build something that can entertain. The app lets you not only make and upload your own Vines, but also follow and watch the Vines uploaded by other people as well.

Download Vine from the Windows Store [Free]


Sway lets you build interactive presentations with simple tools and is fully integrated with OneDrive so you can add photos, videos and music from anywhere you like in your stories. It comes with some beautiful templates, and while it likes to call itself a storytelling tool, that could in theory also be used for presentations – which is why Sway is useful for more than just play.

Download Sway from the Windows Store [Free]


Ever went to a bar and wondered what sort of music is being blurted out by those speakers? Yeah, everybody does that. Shazam is going to answer all of your questions related to music; wanna know what song is playing on the radio? Shazam can answer that. What song is used in that video game trailer you like? Shazam it. Shazam features an incredibly simple and quick interface that lets you quickly pull out your phone and Shazam whatever is playing around you – it also saves a history of it, so you can check it out later and add more music to your own library.

Download Shazam from the Windows Store [Free]

Autodesk Pixlr

Audodesk Pixlr is yet another tool to edit your photos on your Windows 10 device with tools that keep things simple and let you make the perfect photo without much learning curve and by doing most of the work for you. It comes with various filters, borders, overlays and lets you fine tune every aspect of your image – from colour to gamma with extreme precision in real time.

Download Autodesk Pixlr from the Windows Store [Free]

Nano Antivirus Sky Scan

Windows is the most popular operating system on the planet – but its popularity also makes it a massive target for people who intend no good. Therefore in today’s world an antivirus is not an option but a necessity. By the nature of Windows Universal Platform applications – Nano Antivirus cannot do a lot in terms of features, but it can let you scan individual files via its cloud checking for free, and that’s what it offers with an elegant and easy to use interface.

Download Nano Antivirus Sky Scan from the Windows Store [Free]


Comics books are an all-time favorite for reading by all ages – it not only engages its readers by using well drawn characters but also brings some wit and creativity to the artistic design of every page. Comic books are indeed one of the best ways to tell a story, and Cover is does them a justice by providing a brilliant way to organize them and showcase them in a gorgeous interface. Cover supports a wide range of comic book formats and can import all of your comic books in a single step. It comes with various customizable options for its reader functionality – from animations to a dark mode, and even comes with full support for foreign language fonts such as Japanese so you don’t miss out on that manga.

Download Cover from the Windows Store [Free with IAP]

Khan Academy

Online learning tools are getting extremely important in the current times where education is becoming extremely expensive and out of reach for a major part of the population. Khan Academy fulfills this demand by providing a wide variety of courses in hundreds of different fields and subjects – all created by respectable and reputable professors and professionals from some of the best universities in the world. What you learn in Khan Academy can even be added to your resume and a lot of companies will consider it as genuine knowledge today.

Download Khan Academy from the Windows Store [Free]


Keeping a secret in today’s world can get very hard specially when everything is connected over the internet allowing someone on the other side of the world access to your personal network. Keeper is an app that will encrypt and keep not only your passwords safe but also your files and folders. It will also help you auto-fill your passwords on websites within your browser, giving you the freedom to have unique and complicated passwords for every website – as it should be – while removing the headache of remembering each and every one of them. It also syncs across all of your devices and comes with a pretty decent interface.

Download Keeper from the Windows Store [Free with IAP]


Traveling across the world is the most wonderful experience you could go through – our ancestors could only dream of it. Tripadvisor helps you plan your trips so you can make the most of your time and enjoy everything you do in the lands foreign to you. Tripadvisor will help you find the cheapest hotels, flights and food all around the globe so you can save money to do more things and make a better trip.

Download Tripadvisor from the Windows Store [Free]

UC BrowserHD

Web browsers are everywhere – without them, you wouldn’t be able to access most of the internet, however building a good web browser is a challenge only the best could tackle. UC BrowserHD is one of the best Windows 10 web browsers out there. Its speed and smoothness reflect what is possible with the Windows Universal Platform and it just gives you an extremely quick experience. While it is fast, it is not very feature rich – with lack of extensions, it is quite limited in possibilities, but if you want something fast look no further.

Download UC BrowserHD from the Windows Store [Free]

Evernote Touch

Evernote is a service that lets you make notes and store them forever – thus the name Evernote. While this sounds simple, Evernote is an extremely feature rich platform and not only does it let you make notes it also lets you organize them with tags – something crucial when you can make infinite amount of notes. It also supports sketches and image notes and comes with various collaboration tools as well that allow you to work on projects and share notes with a team of people.

Download Evernote Touch from the Windows Store [Free]


Wattpad brings you stories and books from authors that haven’t made it big enough to be popular yet. However it is a bit different from simply giving you a book; on Wattpad authors can upload books as they write them – so you could get new chapters for your favorite book as you get new episodes for your favorite TV shows. You can also write your own stories and books if you want to get into that, and share it with your friends and all of the other millions of Wattpad users instantly.

Download Wattpad from the Windows Store [Free]

Spending Tracker

Keeping track of your money can get hard, specially when you have all of these awesome applications to purchase! With Spending Tracker you can add up all of your earnings and expenses and see where you could save money. It can help you properly categorize all of your expenses so you can see what you are spending most of your money on and build graphs and charts to make it easy to understand. The interface isn’t the most elegant thing you have looked at, but it gets the job pretty well.

Download Spending Tracker from the Windows Store [Free with IAP]


Touchscreens revolutionized the way you interact with a computer – but sometimes the things your fingers allow you to do can get quite limited, and that’s where gestures come in. Gestures allow you to do more complicated tasks while keeping them intuitive – pinch to zoom is a gesture for example, something very simple and obvious but adding a massive usability boost. TouchMe allows you to build custom gesture files that you can use in any popular gesture engine – you can basically create your own gestures and use them however you like.

Download TouchMe Gesture Studio from the Windows Store [Free with IAP]


Reddit is one the most popular websites around – as it likes to call itself the homepage of the internet. While it is extremely popular, the interface isn’t something to brag about and considering how much people like it – it’s not going to change anytime soon. For those of us who prefer to have something more elegant, Readit offers an incredible app that is designed intuitively and presents all of Reddit’s content without any of its ugly designs. Readit also adds some nice native feature support such as Windows 10 toast notifications for new replies and messages.

Download Readit from the Windows Store [Free with IAP]

Karaoke One

Karaoke is a gift of the beautiful Japanese culture – you sing a song to its tune among your friends. Not only is it an extremely fun activity, it also boosts your self confidence as you are displaying your skills – no matter how embarrassing – in front of a live audience. Karaoke One lets you have the same karaoke experience – but over the internet, by allowing you to sing and share your karaoke performance with extreme ease. It features thousands of songs and comes with properly synced detailed lyrics for you to sing along, so you don’t miss a beat.

Download Karaoke One from the Windows Store [Free with IAP]

Autocad 360

Autocad is an extremely powerful drawing and drafting tool – Autocad 360 however is pretty much a lite version of it, intended for use when you are on the move and just need to make some simple adjustments or show your work to clients. Autocad 360 is full of the features you would be familiar with if you use Autocad and lets you edit, and look at the objects you create in full 3D while giving you all of the measuring and technical tools you require.

Download Autocad 360 from the Windows Store [Free]

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is an amazing tool built to enhance the capabilities of a computer – it can resolve complex equations and figure out literal sentences to give you a satisfactory result. While it is mostly a math tool, it can be used for various things such as currency conversion and doing your homework. Wolfram Alpha is also one of the few tools that will solve your mathematical equations – and give you steps for doing it yourself.

Download Wolfram Alpha from the Windows Store [2.99$]

Dictonary Pro

Any website on the internet will be willing to define words for you – but if you want something more detailed, something that will give you not only the meaning of a word but also the origin of its meaning, you need better tools. Dictionary Pro is an extensive tool for anyone interested in languages. Not only does it give you definition of every word that ever existed but it also packs its own advanced translation engine that will help you translate words nad trace their history to their known origins.

Download Dictionary Pro from the Windows Store [3.99$]


Flixter intelligently and elegantly organizes all of the trailers and showtimes of recently released movies for you so you can check out whats new and find a seat to watch it in your nearest theater. It also shows the top reviews from the best critics around the world and gives you a solid rating for every movie – helping you determine whether it is worth spending your time watching a movie.

Download Flixter from the Windows Store [Free]


Lastpass is an incredible tool that has a name describing its exact purpose – it is going to be the last password you will ever have to remember. Lastpass is an extremely secure password manager that will store and generate passwords for you, so you don’t have to deal with them ever again. Lastpass comes with not only this app but also apps for various other platforms allowing full automated auto fill of your password information, making it extremely convenient yet at the same time safe and secure – a combination that is very rare.

Download Lastpass from the Windows Store [Free]


TED brings you access to thousands of talks by various people of knowledge – from musical artists, tech geniuses, businessmen and even politicians. TED is famous for its intellect and the push to share ideas with complete freedom. The TED app does justice to its content and gives you an organized way to browse through the thousands of TED talks at your disposal and watch something that interests you – or even go beyond your safe circle and learn something new.

Download TED from the Windows Store [Free]

Code Writer

Code Writer is a code writer built on top of the Universal Windows Platform – something not very common to see. Code Writer features all of your usual code editor features such as syntax highlighting and automatic indentation. It supports over 20 different file formats and features a tabbed document interface allowing you to work on multiple files simultaneously with ease.

Download Code Writer from the Windows Store [Free]

7z Zip Rar

7Z Zip Rar is a simple tool designed to do only one thing – compress and uncompress files. It features a a simple UI that lists all of the files you have recently uncompressed or compressed and is able to create password-protected archives as well. It also supports various file formats such as 7zip, RAR, zip, cab, tar, iso and much more.

Download 7z ZIP RAR from the Windows Store [Free with IAP]


Timemaster is an incredible application used by thousands of professionals across the world – if you charge by the hour, you need to have a look at Timemaster. Timemaster lets you easily keep track of your time and expenses incurred during that time so you can easily bill your clients. You can have multiple timers running at the same time, and have customized billing rates for everything. You can also export all of this data as HTML or CSV files and use it for analyzing whatever you like.

Download Timemaster + Billing from the Windows Store [9.99$ with IAP]

PC Benchmark

PC Benchmark – as the name suggests – is a tool to benchmark the various components of your computer and give them a solid score that you can use to compare other computers with yours. It will test various components of your computer such as the storage, CPU, GPU, and RAM. It will also work on ARM-based Windows 10 devices and benchmark them as well.

Download PC Benchmark from the Windows Store [Free]

The New York Times

The New York Times is one of the oldest newspapers to have ever existed and the quality of its journalism reflects that. The application does full justice to its content by providing clear and concise view of them without any distractions. Unless you subscribe – the app lets you access three free articles everyday, and gives you a beautiful interface to read them in.

Download The New York Times from the Windows Store [Free]

GOM Player

GOM Player is an extremely simple media player – you simply point it at the file you want to play and it will play it. You can also add folders to it and use its extremely simple library management features as well. It supports popular file formats such avi, mp4, mkv, wmv and much more. It also comes with built in support for custom subtitles as srt and smi files, and features a very simple gesture based interface to move within the media file.

Download GOM Player App from the Windows Store [Free]

Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel app brings you an insane amount of content to watch from the famous Discovery network – an incredible amount of educational and knowledgeable content that makes you smarter every time you watch an episode. You get access to various Discovery favorite shows such as Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch, Gold Rush and a lot more.

Download Discovery Channel from the Windows Store [Free]

5 Minute Relaxation

Relaxing in today’s stressful life can get quite a challenge – when everything is moving so fast, you rarely have time to sit down and take a deep breath. It is however extremely important for your health to do so, and so apps such as this have to exist to remind you to take care of your body more often. 5 Minute Relaxation will only take 5 minutes of your life, and calm you down enough to make you sleep – or wake you up if you are tired. It uses a combination of vocal guidance and soothing music to relax your mind and body and bring some calm to the chaos.

Download 5 Minute Relaxation from the Windows Store [Free with IAP]


There was a time when schools used to be simple – you had a teacher who taught you things and then you went home. Today schools are more complicated than ever, and so myHomework lets you plan and organize your school life so you don’t miss any goals. myHomework lets you easily track your classes and homework, with reminders to keep you up to the mark. It is also available on multiple platforms and syncs across devices so you can never be out of touch with your schedule.

Download myHomework from the Windows Store [Free with IAP]


Cortana was introduced with Windows 10 on the desktop – but it was very limited at the time of its launch in terms of what it could od. Cortanium fills the void by allowing you add custom commands for Cortana and bringing more flexibility to the platform. With ease, you can make Cortana do anything you like from controlling your LED lights to turning on your pop corn machine – anything is possible.

Download Cortanium from the Windows Store [1.99$]

Poki for Pocket

Pocket is an incredible tool – basically it lets you put your regular internet webpages in a “pocket” when you don’t have time to look at them, and allows you to then access them later – when you do have time. Poki for Pocket is an extremely beautiful and elegantly designed app that does justice to Pocket’s idea and brings incredible design to its features.  Poki is highly polished and beautiful, and comes with full support for all of the Pocket features including tags and folders.

Download Poki for Pocket from the Windows Store [Free with IAP]

Microsoft Math

Microsoft Math is an educational tool developed by Microsoft that helps you learn mathematics – not just the basics but also advanced parts of it. There is a worrying abundance of educational applications on the internet – however, good educational applications are hard to find. Microsoft Math features a UI that is simple to traverse and attempts to teach you the most complicated math in its simplest form.

Download Microsoft Math from the Windows Store [Free]

Teleprompter Pro

Teleprompter Pro is quite possible a necessity if you give a lot of presentations – much like a real teleprompter, this app will provide you with large scrolling text as you speak in a variety of colour and font variations to make it easy to read even from a distance. Everything in the app is configurable from font colours to scrolling speed. It also allows you to import scripts from standard text files – so you don’t need any specialized software to write your speech.

Download Teleprompter Pro from the Windows Store [4.49$]

My Fitness

My Fitness is an attempt to put you in shape by frequently reminding you to exercise – and also changing up your routine to keep it more interesting every once in a while. Basically it is a virtual coach that will push your body further and help you stay fit and healthy.  Some very experienced fitness trainers were consulted to build this app’s routines with hundreds of different exercises. You can pick and choose what exactly your goals are, and the app will attempt to give you the best routines possible.

Download My Fitness from the Windows Store [Free with IAP]

Start Screen Clock

The Start Menu was completely revamped in Windows 8 and 10 – so much that even it’s name changed to the Start Screen. Microsoft forgot one very important thing though – they built a start menu that takes up all of your screen, but forgot to add a clock to it. Something so simple yet so essential was ignored and now has been taken care of, thanks to this app. Start Screen Clock gives you a live tile that updates with the current time – something of a technical challenge.

Download Start Screen Clock from the Windows Store [Free with IAP]

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post was founded quite recently – in 2005, and has managed to make a name for itself in such a short time. Also known as HuffPost, the news site brings you stories from all around the world in almost every category – from entertainment to politics. The app itself is information dense – something of a rarity when it comes to Windows Applications – yet presents all of its content elegantly in an organized way that makes it easy to sort and read the content you want.

Download The Huffington Post from the Windows Store [Free]


CleverToDo is an app that will help you manage your tasks and stay focused on things that need your attention. The app will attempt to reduce the time you spend procrastinating and help you stay productive. The app is based on the “Get Things Done” methodology devised by David Allen, and features an extremely intuitive and slick interface that attempts to keep the focus on your work and gives you a daily agenda for things that you need to get done.

Download CleverToDo from the Windows Store [8.99$]


Diagrams are an essential part of any technically job – they are even a necessity in a lot of presentations, but they can be quite difficult to make with standard tools. Artezio is an app specifically designed to make designing a diagram simple. It is quite frankly absurdly easy to build an extremely complicated diagram with Artezio – it features an extremely simple interface and also comes with full support for touch screen displays.

Download Artezio Diagram Designer from the Windows Store [Free with IAP]


Sharpen is an image enhancement tool – basically it will attempt to improve the images you take by running various sharpness and colour correction algorithms on it, and give you a better photo without doing much work. It supports a wide variety of image formats such as JPG, PNG, JXR, WDP, TIFF to even highly uncompressed formats such as RAW and ARW. The app preserves all of the metadata from the original photo and also comes with a built-in after and before slider so you can compare your original photo with the enhanced image that Sharpen produces.

Download Sharpen from the Windows Store [0.99$]

Adobe Content Viewer

Adobe Content Viewer lets you preview rich interactive publications built using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite – this might not sound very interesting, but if you do any kind of work in this field you will know how important this application is for you. Using this, designers of such magazines can preview the content from the Distribution Service prior to the publication of it.

Download Adobe Content Viewer from the Windows Store [Free]

Earthquake Watch

Mother nature is cruel, and when it decides to do harm – it knows no bounds. Earthquakes are not only a geological wonder, but also extremely deadly and can cause severe damage in terms of life and property. Not only are they extremely hard to account and counter for – they are close to impossible to predict, and so when an earthquake happens, it can be a life saver to know where and when it happens. Earthquake Watch gets real time data from the seismological services of United States, Mexico and Chile and notifies you immediately if there is a major earthquake anywhere in the world.

Download Earthquake Watch from the Windows Store [Free with IAP]

Battery Tile

Once again an application is here to fix the mistakes of Microsoft – Battery Tile displays the current battery level of your Windows 10 device in a live tile that you can pin to your Start screen. This can be essential if you use your device on battery frequently and need to know how long you can stay up and running. Battery Tile also displays the estimate time remaining for your battery life within the live tile.

Download Battery Tile from the Windows Store [Free with IAP]

Microsoft Hololens

The Microsoft Research division comes up with some insane ideas every few years – Hololens is one of the products developed by them. It is quite possibly the closest we have gotten to immersive augmented reality – a dream that we have thought of since the 90s. The Hololens app is a necessity if you are one of the very few lucky ones who have access to a Hololens headset, as it lets you view a live stream of what the AR headset’s wearer is seeing.

Download Microsoft Hololens from the Windows Store [Free]

RealPlayer Daily Videos

RealPlayer used to be one of the most popular video players on Windows at one time – it is long past its glory days now, but it still sticks around and brings interesting ideas every once in a while. RealPlayer Daily Videos brings you a new video everyday – personalized for you, so it will always be something that interests you. It uses various sources such as YouTube, DailyMotion, and even Facebook and also comes with a built-in advanced search engine that can search across all of its sources at once.

Download RealPlayer Daily Videos from the Windows Store [Free]


VK is a social network – much like Facebook – but it is more popular in eastern European countries and Russia. It is always good to have some competition in every industry, and VK is that competition against Facebook that is needed. Although most of the functionality is quite similar, you could say this app for VK is miles ahead of Facebook’s attempt of one.

Download VK App from the Windows Store [Free]


NBA Fan is an app that well… any NBA fan should have installed. The app delivers every breaking news and tweets from the stars of NBA in real time for the best of its fans. It will also give you highlights from the various NBA games and keep you in the loop. The app itself features a simple design that is easy to navigate as well.

Download NBA Fan from the Windows Store [Free]


Pulseway is an essential app for any network or IT system manager – in a single view, you can monitor hundreds of systems for faults and issues and get notified when something goes wrong. The monitoring is of course done on client side with the Pulseway monitoring software, which works on every major operating system. You an also monitor cloud instances and even run commands and scripts remotely. Almost everything can be controlled remotely with Pulseway – you can force updates, reboot the clients and even set custom rules for certain clients so you can get alerts when something specific goes wrong.

Download Pulseway from the Windows Store [Free]


Mediafire is a service that lets you upload any file you like and share it with your friends, family or even just the general public over the internet. The app of course lets you keep track of what files you have uploaded, manage them, delete them and see detailed statistics about them such as how many people have downloaded that specific file. Mediafire can also sync files from your Windows 10 devices if you set it up for it.

Download Mediafire from the Windows Store [Free]


Writr introduces a trait to your life that is being forgotten by every passing day – journaling. Writr prompts you along your day to write about your aspirations and goals. It helps you do some self-analysis and realise your full potential, by helping you grow as a person. The app helps you keep your focus on your life’s goals, and brings some inspiration to your everyday life. It also syncs everything over the cloud across all of your devices so you know you are never going to lose it.

Download Writr from the Windows Store [Free]

NFL Fantasy Football

NFL Fantasy Football is more of a game than an app – it lets you build an NFL team of your own, and drops you down in its fantastical world where anything is possible. The app is essentially a simulation of an NFL season – except you make your own fantasy team and watch as they fail or become the best.

Download NFL Fantasy Football from the Windows Store [Free]

Hair Stylist

Your hair is an important part of your looks – a different hairstyle can make you look like a completely different person, so deciding what kind of hair would be the best for you can get quite difficult. With Hair Stylist you can try out different hair styles and colours within the app – without actually changing it up for real. The app has hundreds of hair styles for both men and women and all of them are properly categorized so you can easily browse through them. You can also upload your own picture within the app and try the hairstyles on yourself.

Download Hair Stylist from the Windows Store [4.99$]


The phenomenon of volunteered geographic information is part of a profound transformation in how geographic data, information, and knowledge are produced and circulated. By situating volunteered geographic information (VGI) in the context of big-data deluge and the data-intensive inquiry, the 20 chapters in this book explore both the theories and applications of crowdsourcing for geographic knowledge production with three sections focusing on 1).  VGI, Public Participation, and Citizen Science; 2). Geographic Knowledge Production and Place Inference; and 3). Emerging Applications and New Challenges.  This book argues that future progress in VGI research depends in large part on building strong linkages with diverse geographic scholarship. Contributors of this volume situate VGI research in geography’s core concerns with space and place, and offer several ways of addressing persistent challenges of quality assurance in VGI. This book positions VGI as part of a shift toward hybrid epistemologies, and potentially a fourth paradigm of data-intensive inquiry across the sciences. It also considers the implications of VGI and the exaflood for further time-space compression and new forms, degrees of digital inequality, the renewed importance of geography, and the role of crowdsourcing for geographic knowledge production.

Conventional topographic base-mapping programs Crowd-sourced geographic information Crowdsourcing Emerging applications in VGI Exaflood Geo Web Geographic knowledge Growing digital divide K-12 Navigation map databases Neogeography Participatory mapping in China Public participation GIS (PPGIS) User-generated content VGI and Public health VGI applications VGI in education Volunteered geographic information (VGI) Web 2.0 technologies Wikipedia authorship

Editors and affiliations

  • Daniel Sui
  • Sarah Elwood
  • Michael Goodchild
  1. 1.Dept. GeographyOhio State UniversityColumbusUSA
  2. 2.Dept. GeographyUniversity of WashingtonSeattleUSA
  3. 3.College of Letters & Science, Dept. GeographyUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraSanta BarbaraUSA

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  • DOIhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-94-007-4587-2
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  • eBook PackagesHumanities, Social Sciences and Law
  • Print ISBN978-94-007-4586-5
  • Online ISBN978-94-007-4587-2
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