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My Hometown Essay Introduction

by 050 Rina on May 15, 2014 - 3:11am

I write about my home town. I live Okamoto in Kobe. I think my home town has a lot of nature and good view. We can go mountain and sea easily from my home.
When I was young I live home on the mountain. I could touch a lot of forest. In addition I could see great and beautiful view from my home. I sometimes climbed mountain near my home with my family. We could watch wild boars. I felt nature from such occurrence. In addition, I could watch beautiful and nice view from my house. In summer, I could watch beautiful fireworks. When I was young, I had watched fire accident from my house.
When I was 4th grade student in Elementary school, we moved. The house is near the station. The reason, my older brother became junior high school student, so we moved. I live in the house now. The house is so convenient, because I can arrive 1 minute from my house to the station. In addition, we have many shops near my house. That’s why we can buy anything around my house.
My hometown is known beautiful city by a lot of people. We will be able to enjoying sightseeing. I think Kitano is the best sightseeing place. I want to recommend foreign people and Japanese people this place. Kobe prospered as port town. That’s why a lot of foreign trader came here. When I go to Kitano, I can watch foreign buildings. I thought there is exotic place. I think my hometown is so beautiful. I am proud of my hometown. I want foreign people to know a lot of good places of my hometown.

" Dothory lived in a small house in Kansa, with uncle Henry, aunt Em and a little dog called Toto. "
I began my introduction with a quotation from the book " The Wizard of Oz", because sometimes, when I am far away with my imagination, I associate that I am Dothory, and my village is Kansa !

I've lived in a small village situated in the north of Vietnam, " There were no trees, no hills in Kansa, and it's often very windy"- That's similar to my village: no big trees, no hills, no mountains, no spectacular sceneries, no modern facilities..It's so quiet that I can't differentiate between " peaceful"and " boring".

Our lives are very close to nature. How would you feel if there were a frog jumping or a crab crawling into your living room while you were watching TV ? It's very normal to me, when rainy season is approaching, some " uninvited guests" ( worms, butterflies,frogs) often visit my house.
In the evening, the silence is interminable and sometimes, the sounds of insects living in paddy fields wake you up at night. If you're a light sleeper and susceptible, you'll feel a bit maudlin !

The majority of people living here are farmers. They start their work at dawn and coming home when stars twinkle in the sky. Parents don't have time to keep an eye on their children, so sometimes they are being lackadaisical, Generally, they're very obedient and greatful.

I have never contemplated moving to a city although my mother can afford to do that. My village- it garners no reputation, sometimes, when the weather has fluctuated strangly and storms hit my village, our lives become more difficult than ever. A simple reason, I love my pretty village, look up to tolerant and open-minded villagers. Children respect adults and adults listen to children's perspectives. You'll never be ostracized for your weird and egregious ideas.

My village : never in bedlam, never happens quarrels between neighbors....very great !

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