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Little Knowledge Is Dangerous Short Essay Scholarships

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing Meaning

Definition: A small amount of knowledge about a topic can make people falsely believe they are experts on that topic.

The idiom a little knowledge is a dangerous thing means that one can become falsely overconfident about his expertise in a certain subject if he possesses a small amount of knowledge about it. The idiom is a piece of caution to exercise humility, and it demonstrates that one should research a topic extensively before proclaiming oneself an expert on that topic.

Origin of A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

This phrase has a few variations, including,

  • A little learning is a dangerous thing.
  • A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.

No matter what variation is used, they carry the same meaning.

The first use of this idiom appears in Alexander Pope’s An Essay on Criticism, published in 1709:

  • A little learning is a dangerous thing; drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring.

The idiom as it appears here was first used in 1774, in The Gentlemans and Lady’s Complete Magazine, Vol II:

  • Pope says, very truly, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

The latter example is a clear allusion to Pope’s earlier statement, although it was inaccurately quoted. Perhaps this explains why both idioms are used interchangeably.

Examples of A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

Since it is proverbial, this idiom is not commonly used in everyday speech. However, this example exchange between two colleagues illustrates how native speakers might use this phrase.

Amy: My son came home with a tattoo that his buddy gave him, and now it’s infected.

Sean: Just because someone has a tattoo gun doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


The English idiom a little knowledge is a dangerous thing means that one who only knows a little bit about a subject might mistake oneself for an expert on it.

Strange, Weird, & Unusual Scholarships


Strange Scholarships – Part One


Superpower Scholarship
Application Deadline March 31
Award Amount $2500
Do you love Batman? Superman? Would you like to be a superhero? Write a short essay (250 words or less) about �Which superhero or villain would you want to change places with for a day and why?� Open to high school students ages 13+ and college students. For Superpower Scholarship application and information see www.scholarshipexperts.com
Intelligence Community Scholarship Program
Application Deadline November of each year
Award Amount $3000 stipend for full-time students, and $2000 for part-time students (multiple awards)
Description: If you are a patriotic American interested in working in the intelligence community (e.g. become an American spy), then consider this offer among your strange scholarship searches. You must be a college junior, senior or graduate student preparing for a field related to the Intelligence Association. What majors are of interest to them? Well, make a guess because that is part of the strange part � they can�t tell you! List your special activities, internships, prior or current military services and your career goals to serve your country in the intelligence community. Financial need is not considered. For more information (or not) on the National Military Intelligence Association Scholarship Program see www.nmia.org.

Parapsychology Scholarship
Application Deadline October of each year
Award Amount $1000
If you are interested in parapsychology, this scholarship may be for you. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. Any major is acceptable, but the applicant must be interested in parapsychology and write an essay on a designated topic related to parapsychology. For more requirement for these interesting but slightly strange scholarships known as the Robert R. Coly Prize in Parapsychology see www.parapsychology.org

Quilters� Scholarship
Application Deadline May of each year
Award Amount $1500
I think that quilting and other forms of fiber art don�t always get the respect they deserve. If you are a resident of Washington working on an undergraduate degree related to fiber art at a college in WA state, then check out this scholarship. Your major must be related to fiber art (no it doesn�t need to be Quilting!). Examples include sewing, weaving, clothing design, quilting, dyeing, basketry, textile history or production, and related arts. For additional requirements and information about the Kitsap Quilters� Scholarship see www.kitsapquilters.com

NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund Youth Essay Contest
Application Deadline November of each year
Award Amount up to $1,000 U.S> savings bond (multiple levels of prizes)
This may be considered one of the strange scholarships, depending on your point of view. Since elementary, junior high and high school students aren�t allowed to carry guns at school, and in the wake of recent school violence, should students really be writing essays about the constitutional right to keep and bear arms? Well, the NRA says yes. The National Rifle Association sponsors this scholarship where students submit an essay on the importance of the second amendment to the constitution. For more details about the NRA Right to Keep and Bear Arms Essay Contest see www.nradefensefund.org

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship
Application Deadline October 31
Award Amount $2000
Can you outsmart the Zombies at your school and win one of these strange scholarships for college? Write a short essay (250 words or less) about what you would do to survive if your school was overrun with Zombies, the walking dead. This scholarship is open to high school students ages 13+ and college students. For the Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship Application for 2014 go to www.scholarshipexperts.com

Entrepreneur Awards
Application Deadline ~ December of each year (sometimes extended to early January)
Award Amount $10,000 first place, $5,000 other finalists, multiple other awards $1,000 – $2,000
If you are looking for college scholarships and grants for entrepreneurship, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) offers some great entrepreneur scholarships. These not so strange scholarships are offered to high school seniors heading to 2 year or 4 year college or university or vocational school. Students must be nominated by a member of the NFIB. Criteria include high academic standards, questions about entrepreneurial effort, and an essay about free enterprise. For additional scholarship requirements and information on the NFIB Young Entrepreneur Scholarships see www.nfib.com

Ice Cream Flavor of the Month Scholarship
Application Deadline July 31
Award Amount $1500
Enjoy an ice cream cone while you compose you ideas for this summer scholarship. �If you were an ice cream flavor, which would you be and why?� Are you tart, sweet, nutty? This unusual scholarship is open to high school students ages 13+ and college students. For application and information about the Ice Cream Flavor of the Month Scholarship for college see www.scholarshipexperts.com

Turf Writers Journalism Scholarship
Application Deadline March of each year
Award Amount $10,000 per year, may be renewed up to 3 additional years
Do you love horse racing and journalism? Help pay for college with these unusual racing scholarships. Applicants must demonstrate the potential to make a contribution to the horse racing industry. Journalism majors should definitely consider this scholarship which pays $10,000 a year, and is open to undergraduate and graduate students. Essay required and GPA 3.0 or higher. For more information about the Horse Racing Scholarship for Journalism Majors see www.racingscholarships.com.

Make Me Laugh Scholarship
Application Deadline August
Award Amount $1500
This is summer, time to have some fun! This scholarship will make you LOL. Write a short funny story, that can be true or false. Whoever said applying for scholarships is not fun, has it wrong. LOL. Open to high school students grades 9 – 12 and college students. You will find the Make Me Laugh Scholarship Application online at www.scholarshipexperts.com . They also have other unusual scholarships on their website.

Concrete Scholarship
Application Deadline November of each year
Award Amount $5000 to $1000 depending on the college the study will attend
If you interested in concrete and can write an outstanding essay on this subject that most of us don�t think about, then this is the scholarship for you. Well actually it is limited to high school seniors in Wisconsin and upper peninsula of Michigan who plan to enroll in a concrete-related program at designated universities and colleges. Selection is based upon the essay�s content and the author�s writing ability. Funny, I thought it would be based upon their concrete laying ability. Anyway, if this unusual scholarship sounds exciting to you, then apply for the Concrete Scholarship at www.wrmca.com

Eat Your Asparagus Scholarship
Application Deadline June of each year
Award Amount $3000 per year and all the asparagus you can eat (just kidding)
While the rest of us eat our junk food, you can apply for the Asparagus Club Scholarships. These unusual scholarships are open to upper-division and graduate students majoring in a field related to the grocery industry. A letter of recommendation is required from your professor in food management or business and a statement about why you are preparing for a career in the grocery industry. For additional requirements and online Asparagus Club Scholarships application see www.braf.org

Future Entrepreneur of the Year Award
Application Deadline ~ April of each year
Award Amount $12,000 for the first year and may be renewed for $4000 for each additional year
Everyone wants to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs � the future entrepreneur who makes it big. Why not apply for college grants and scholarships to help you be successful, like this Future Entrepreneur of the Year Award. This unusual scholarship is open to high school seniors and college undergraduates who demonstrate leadership skills, academic excellence, ingenuity, and most importantly an entrepreneurial spirit. No specific field of study is required. For additional information about the Future Entrepreneur of the Year Award see www.nase.org

Play Environments Scholarship
Application Deadline ~ February of each year
Award Amount $5000
Remember that saying about all the important things in life you learned in kindergarten? Did you know that you learned most of what you need to know to qualify for these unusual scholarships about playgrounds? Yes, this scholarship is open to undergraduate landscape architecture students in their final 2 years of study, or graduate students. Applicants must understand the design of play environments and how to integrate them into parks, schools and other play and recreation environments. So let the child in you come out and apply for this unusual scholarship. For more information about the Playground Scholarship from Landscape Architecture Foundation see www.lafoundation.org

Americanism Scholarship
Application Deadline November of each year
Award Amount up to $10,000 US savings bond
Patriotic students in grades 7 � 12 can show their love of country by writing an essay on Americanism. I assume Americanism means the United States of America, good ole USA, not what you think of as The Americas. Anyway, this is a great scholarship for high school students and middle school students. The essay topic differs each year. Each entrant must be sponsored by a Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) member or Ladies Auxiliary unit member. Outstanding essays are forwarded from the local branch to the regional and national competition. There are multiple awards for these not so oddball scholarships, all in U.S. savings bonds of course. For details on the American Essay Scholarship from Fleet Reserve Association see www.fra.org

Toyota Teen Driver Video Challenge
Application Deadline March of each year
Award Amount $15000 for first place, $10000 for second place, and $7500 for third place.
If you are creative shoot a 60 – 90 second video that makes teen drivers think carefully above driving safely. The grand prie winner will get a chance to reshoot their video with a Discovery Film Crew. Awesome! Entrants may be high school students in grades 9 – 12 who work alone or in small teams of 2 – 4 students. www.toyotateendriver.com

Proper Use of Credit Essay Contest
Application Deadline February of each year
Award Amount $3000 for first place, $2000 for second place, and $1000 for third place
I think this college scholarship should be offered in all states, because it is a great lesson for all college students. Do you know how to properly use credit? Well you should, but you probably don�t if you are like most Americans. If you are a high school senior in Oregon, and plan to attend a college in Oregon, then this should be on your college scholarship search list. Write the best essay on the proper use of credit and you may win a scholarship for college. For additional requirements and information on this Hasson/Newman Memorial Essay Contest see www.osac.state.or.us

National Peace Essay Contest
Application Deadline January of each year
Award Amount $10,000 for national first place winner, $5,000 2nd place, $2,500 3rd place, and $1,000 scholarship for each state level winner.
This is one of my favorite scholarships, which open to high school students in grades 9 � 12. Submit an outstanding essay on the designated topic to the National Peace Essay Contest. Winners are chosen based upon the essay�s focus, style, analysis, originality, conclusions and recommendations. Put this one your college scholarship search for important scholarship contests. For more details on the National Peace Essay Contest see www.usip.org

Posse Scholar
Application Deadline January of each year
Award Amount four year, full tuition scholarship to partner colleges and universities
Are you a student with leadership and academic potential, attending a public high school? Join a Posse. Applicants must be nominated by their high school or community organization. The nomination process is open to high school juniors and high school seniors in certain cities in the US, including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York or Washington, D.C. For more details on the Posse Scholarship see http://www.possefoundation.org

Student Design Competition
Application Deadline ~ December of each year
Award Amount $2,500 for first place, other prizes offered too
If you are reading about oddball scholarships, perhaps you have some oddball or creative ideas to enter the Industrial Designers Society of America Student Design Competition. Submit your original design for houseware products, including small electrical appliances, personal care, home health care, tableware, organizational items, cleaning products, furniture, pet care and more. Selection is based upon design research, design, technical skills and presentation skills. For additional categories and information about the IHA Student Design Competition see www.housewares.org

Entrepreneurial Scholarships for Food Service
Application Deadline March of each year
Award Amount $3,500 to $7,500
Do you love to eat? Do you have some entrepreneurial ideas for a restaurant or food service? This is the best scholarship for you. If you are entering or currently enrolled in one of 10 designated universities in a restaurant or food service program, and have completed a entrepreneurial project, you may apply for this slightly oddball (but yummy) scholarship. For more information on the National Restaurant Association Al Schuman Ecolab Entrepreneurial Scholarship see www.nraef.org.

One Person Can Make a Difference Scholarship
Application Deadline February
Award Amount $1000 first prize, $500 second prize and $250 third prize
Do you believe one person can make a difference or even change the world in a good way? Create a 16 x 20 inch original poster with this theme and submit it to The Christophers� annual poster contest for high school students. See the online application and information for One Person Can Make a Difference Scholarship at www.christophers.org

Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Contest
Application Deadline open from March to January
Award Amount $10,000 plus $1000 for your school
Turn your artistic talent into an odd scholarship! Design a greeting card for a friend, and you’ve given a thoughtful gift. But design it for a scholarship contest, and you might win $10,000. Submit your photo, artwork or computer graphic for the front of a greeting card. Designs should be appropriate for business and consumer use, such as birthday or Christmas cards. Must be your own original work. Open to high school, college and university students, and member of the armed forces. Must be a legal resident or have a student visa to attend school in the US. Must be at least 14 years old. Winner will be notified in March. For more information on the Create a Greeting Card Art Scholarship Contest, see www.gallerycollection.com/greeting-cards-scholarship.htm.

Courageous Persuaders Scholarship
Application Deadline February
Award Amount 11+ awards each year range from $500 – $3000
Win a scholarship to college by creating a 30 second commercial that warns middle school students (grades 6 � 8) about the dangers of underage drinking. Open to high school students in grades 9 – 12. May be individual or team project. For Courageous Persuaders Scholarship application and information see www.courageouspersuaders.com

100 Mile College for all Texans Tuition Waiver
Application Deadline deadline not specified
Award Amount reduced tuition rates
Yup, everything really is bigger in the nation of Texas, in fact 100 miles bigger. If you live in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico or Oklahoma within 100 miles of the Texas border and want to attend a public college or university in Texas, you may save some tuition. For more information about 100 Miles and you are a Texan, see www.collegeforalltexans.com . On a more serious note, there are many other Tuition Assistance Programs for out-of-state residents too.
Star Trek StarFleet Command Scholarship Award
Application Deadline applications accepted from January 1 � June 30 each year. You must be a StarFleet member for one year by June 30 of the award year.
Award Amount up to $500 scholarship award in 20 categories
If you are a Star Trek fan, you can qualify for one of these unusual scholarships from another world. Medical, engineering, language, and more scholarships in honor of your favorite Star Trek character. For Star Trek scholarship requirements and information see scholarship.sfi.org.


Left Handed Scholarships
Scholarships for Left Handed People
Application Deadline inquire at the school
Award Amount $1000 – $1500
Are you looking for a scholarship for being left handed? There is one offered in Pennsylvania, at Juniata College. There is a free educational grant through the Frederick and Mary F Beckley Scholarship program. These left handed scholarships are only available for students who will attend Juniata college, and they must also have good grades and recommendation. Available for sophomores, juniors and seniors only. For more information on this scholarship for being left handed, see www.juniata.edu Other Scholarships for Left Handed People – If you are looking for scholarships for left handed people who are not attending Juniata college, well – to my knowledge there aren’t any others. But lefties don’t despair. There are thousands of different scholarships that you may qualify for. Keep reading and check out our other college scholarship pages!.

Vegetarian Scholarships
Application Deadline February each year
Award Amount $5000 (2 awards given)
If you are a vegetarian, there are some great scholarships for you. The Vegetarian Resource Group offers two $5,000 college scholarships for high school seniors who will graduate in the spring and attend college in the US. Students must have promoted vegetarianism in their schools and/or communities. For more information see Vegetarian Scholarships.

John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest
Application Deadline January each year
Award Amount First place- $10,000, Second place- $1,000, Five Finalists – $500
Like politicians? You might be unique, but use that interest in politics to win one of these unique scholarships. Write an original essay that demonstrates your understanding of the political courage as described by John F. Kennedy in Profiles in Courage. Open to high school students in grades 9 � 12. For application and information see www.jfklibrary.org

Mawista Scholarship for Extraordinary Personalities
Application Deadline January each year
Award Amount 500 Euros a month for 12 months. (open to residents from all countries including the US)
Do you have an extraordinary personality? If you are unique then this scholarship may be for you. Traditional students with perfect GPA need not apply. Check out the Mawista Scholarship for Extraordinary Personalities at www.mawista.com/en/scholarship.

Marbles Scholarships
Application Deadline June of each year
Award Amount $2000 for King and Queen mibsters, and $1000 for sportsmanship award.
Enter the National Marbles Tournament and earn one of these unique scholarships for college. For Marbles scholarship requirements see www.nationalmarblestournament.org.

Common Knowledge Scholarship
Application Deadline varies
Award Amount $5000 maximum
Do you know lots of facts? Are you quick at taking tests? Sign up and take these online quizzes, as the person with the top score in each topic will win. Topics vary. Open to high school students in grades 9 � 12, and undergraduate and graduate college students. For Common Knowledge Scholarship application and information see www.cksf.org

Surfing Scholarship
Application Deadline June 1 each year
Award Amount $1000 college scholarship
If you are an east coast surfer, why not enter the Buddy Pelletier Surfing Foundation scholarship contest? 500 word essay and two letters of recommendation required. For the Buddy Pelletier Surfing Foundation Scholarship Program application and requirements see buddy.pelletier.com

Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship
Application Deadline April each year
Award Amount $1000 – $5000
If your passion is skateboarding, why not enter this unique scholarship program for skateboarders. Participants must answer this essay question: How has skateboarding been a positive influence in your life? The scholarship is open to high school seniors who promote skateboarding in their community. Recently, Tony Hawk has been one of the supporters for this
unique scholarship.

Twitter Scholarship
Application Deadline October each year
Award Amount $1400 for winner, $140 for second and third place
Do you like to tweet? This twitter scholarship is one of the wacky scholarships and grants for college, offered by College Scholarships Foundation. Open to current college students. To apply, send a tweet on how Twitter can be used to improve the world. With the recent Arab spring, it is amazing to see the power of twitter. The tweet must be submitted online, and of course all you tweeters know it must be 140 characters or less. To apply for this twitter scholarship, see, collegescholarships.org

Clarke Sinclair Memorial Archery College Scholarships
Application Deadline April each year
Award Amount 1 award of $1000 and 2 awards $500 each year
This archery scholarship is another wacky scholarships for college, for current undergraduate college students who are a member of an archery team. Must participate in archery related activities, have a GPA of 3.0, and complete an essay about any subject. Just kidding, must complete an essay about archery. Think modern day Robin Hood and combine the power of twitter with the skill of archery. To apply online for this Archery Scholarship see www.clarkesinclair.org

Healthy Lifestyles Scholarship
Application Deadline May each year, sometimes also in December
Award Amount 1 scholarship award of $5000 each year
If you are addicted to McDonalds and other unhealthy eating habits, this could still be the scholarship for you. This is one of the slightly wacky scholarships for high school seniors and college students as it doesn�t require you to be healthy. Instead, you must write a 1000 word essay about why a healthy lifestyle is important, and a description of your goals. So couch potatoes who like to twitter or game away may still apply – just describe your fantasy healthy lifestyle essay. For Healthy Lifestyle scholarship requirements and online application see www.fitnessexercises

Miss America Scholarship Competition Awards and Scholar Awards
Application Deadline Varies depending on local beauty pageants leading to state finals for Miss America Pageant
Award Amount At the national level, $50,000 for Miss America, $25,000 to first runner-up, and additional awards for other winners and contestants. At the state level, $1000 scholarship awarded up to 52 applicants � one from each state, Washington DC, and the Virgin Islands
Looking for wacky scholarships for girls? OK, take off your combat boots, seriously this can be a fun scholarship for women with beauty, poise, talent and brains. The Miss America scholarships are offered by the Miss America Pageant for contestants at the national and state level. The state level scholarship is based on academic excellence. For more information about Miss America Scholarships and application requirements, see www.missamerica.org
Gene Rabbitt Scholarship for Female Boxers
Application Deadline July each year
Award Amount $1000
Go girl! Here’s another of the wacky scholarships for girls. If you are a female boxer attending a 2 year community college, 4 year college or university, or trade school, you may be eligible for a scholarship. Financial need is considered for this Boxing Scholarship for Women. www.usaboxing.org


K2Teo Martin J. Green Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Application Deadline January each year
Award Amount $1000
This scholarship is for licensed radio amateurs or who submit an essay about the role amateur radio has played in their life. I wonder if podcasts or YouTube videos count? Financial need is required for the Radio Amateurs Scholarship. www.arrlf.org
Dr Pepper Scholarship $1,000,000 Tuition Giveaway
Application Deadline Open from August – December.
Award Amount multiple awards including 5 $10,000 awards plus chance to enter $100,000 tuition contest at football games sponsored by Dr Pepper. Winners have up to 5 years to use their $100,000 tuition award for 4 consecutive years of college, university or vocational school in the USA. 25 Grand prize winners.
The Dr Pepper scholarship is one of the weird scholarships for college, perfect for video enthusiasts who can win $2500. Create your unique short video and upload to this free online contest. The video winners will be invited to attend a college championship football game, and can win $100,000 scholarship money for college by throwing the most footballs through a 2 foot diameter hoop in 30 seconds. Perhaps this is the perfect football scholarship too? Requirements and rules: Must be a USA citizen or legal resident of an eligible state and at least 18 years old at time of participation to be eligible for $2500 tuition promotion, and age 18 � 24 for the $1,000,000 Tuition Contest. For more information on the Dr Pepper Scholarship Contest and Tuition Giveaway see www.drpeppertuition.com.

Young Entrepreneurs Essay Contest
Application Deadline Per their website, they are only accepting scholarship renewals but are not accepting new applications.
Award Amount $1000 – $5000 (27 awards per year), may reapply the next year. Most scholarships are awarded to Michigan residents, but this is open to all USA residents.
The Young Entrepreneurs Essay Contest is one of the interesting USA scholarships, perfect for future innovators. You must buy from the site a $10 copy of The Entrepreneur�s Game: Logan�s Story if you are looking for one of these weird scholarships for boys, or The Entrepreneur�s Game: Adrienne�s story if you are looking for one of these weird scholarships for girls. After reading the book, you must write a 3-5 page essay based on the main character of the book, including the concept of innovation and how you can apply lessons learned in your life. Neither academic achievement nor financial need is considered. In some ways this isn�t a weird scholarship, as there are many examples of successful innovators dropping out of college to form their own companies. So spend the $10 and get inspired! Scholarship requirements: Must be a high school senior, legal USA resident planning to attend college the following year in the US. For more info on the Young Entrepreneurs Essay Contest see www.skandalaris.org.

Jif Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest
Application Deadline tentative open August – November
Award Amount $25,000
If you love peanut butter sandwiches, and plan ahead, this is the weirdest scholarship for college. Create an original sandwich recipie using Jif brand peanut butter for a chance to win $25,000 college fund. You have to plan early, because the college scholarship fund is not for high school seniors or college students, but kids 6 � 12, of prime PBJ age. For full requirements for the Jif Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest and application see www.jif.com.

OP Loftbed $500 Scholarship Award
Application Deadline was offered several times a year, but was recently put on hold temporarily. Check it out anyway as new contests may come throughout the year.
Award Amount $500 scholarship award
Be creative and fun with short answers to three online questions in this easy scholarship contest. Be sure to read the rules and instructions as they have a trick question (hint: answer to question #4 is �OP Loftbed�). You must be a US citizen and enroll in college or university within the following year. For OP Loftbed scholarship application and details see www.oploftbed.com.

Dr. Seuss Scholarship – Oh the Places You�ll Go
Application Deadline I contacted Dr. Seuss and received this response: Thank you for contacting us regarding the Oh, the Places You’ll Go! scholarship. Unfortunately, at this time, Dr. Seuss Enterprises will not be offering a scholarship in 2013. Check back for 2015 on their link at http://www.seussville.com/OTPScholarship/.
Award Amount $10,000
When I was a child, I remember reading so many of Dr. Seuss children books. One of the most inspirational, and very appropriate for high school seniors as they enter college, is the best selling book Oh, the Places You�ll Go! By Dr. Seuss. So dust off your childhood books and read this classic, then apply for the Dr. Seuss scholarship. In 2010/2011 this was a writing scholarship, and in 2011/2012 an art contest, so we were eager to see what the Dr. Seuss scholarship requirements will be in 2012/2013. But alas, as we said above, at this time they will not be offering a scholarship. What a shame, as this was one of the fun but weird unknown scholarships for college, and one of the best scholarships for high school seniors.

AFSA Scholarship Contest
Application Deadline Applications accepted through late March or early April for high school seniors and tentative April � August for college/trade school students.
Award Amount 10 $2000 scholarships for high school seniors and 5 $1000 �second chance� scholarships for those pursuing college or trade school.
For this easy scholarship offered by the American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship Program, read their Fire Sprinklers essay and correctly answer 10 multiple choice questions. You can then enter to win the contest. Must be a US citizen or legal resident. High school seniors must enroll in college in the fall to qualify. For American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship Program information and online application see www.afsascholarship.org.

“Words to be Heard” Community Service Scholarship
Application Deadline March
Award Amount $5000 for grand prize, 3 $2500 second place winners and 3 $1000 runners-up.
Create an imaginative presentation that discourages underage drinking, drunk driving or texting while driving. The presentation may be in any media, such as video, PowerPoint, essay, etc. The scholarship contest is limited to high school seniors across Western PA who will attend a 4-year college or university in the fall. For details see www.edgarsnyder.com/community-service/scholarship/ .

Short People Scholarships
Application Deadline April 22 each year
Award Amount typically $250 – $1000 (2 for undergraduate students and 1 for graduate students)
Short People Scholarships, offered by the Little People of America, is one of the weird unknown scholarships for college. Applicants must be 4 feet 10 inches or under to qualify as a member and apply for a short people scholarship. A short essay is required, and three letters of recommendation. Preference is given for those who have a medical condition that causes dwarfism. For more information on Short People Scholarships see www.lpaonline.org.

Tall People Scholarships
Application Deadline email local club
Award Amount $1000
It�s only fair that if there are short people scholarships, there should also be tall people scholarships. If your height is at least 5�10� for women or 6�2� for men, are under 21, and attending college for the first time in the fall, you may qualify for a scholarship through Tall Clubs International. For more information on Tall People Scholarships see www.tall.org.

Duck Calling Contest
Application Deadline varies, typically November each year
Award Amount $2000 1st place, $1000 2nd place, $750 3rd place and $500 4th place
Another of the weird unknown scholarships for college is the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest, associated with the World�s Champion Duck Calling Contest, held in Stuttgart, Arkansas. For more information on Duck Calling Scholarship Contest see http://stuttgartarkansas.org.


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